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 The province of Treviso and the centre of Paese are excellent departure points for all the itineraries to explore Veneto and its beauty

We cannot forget the city of Treviso, which is like a jewel between Venice and the Dolomites, still preserves ancient roman vestiges in its medieval buildings and welcomes the tourist in its old centre by offering them delights to their eyes and delicacies to their palate.

Arriving from Paese, Treviso will greet you with its gracious door of Renaissance “Porta Dei Santi Quaranta", recently restored: you will see it as you walk in the city, only can go through the old town and its doors.


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Discover the city of Treviso in a quick overview: its beauty, its "clear and fresh and sweet waters" from Petrarch’s poetry, that still greets visitors with its silvery sounds. Don’t forget to step into an Osterie to have an "ombra" (a glass of local wine) and a "cicchetto" (a little morsel of fish or salami with a little piece of fresh baked bread).


The doors of Treviso

By Franco, via Wikimedia Commons

The door called "Dei Santi Quaranta" is one of its original doors built back in the 16th, being recently restored, the door shows itself with bright grace and beauty on the western side of the fortressed city. The awe-inspiring "Porta San Tommaso"faces toward north (from there you can get the ancient road Pontebbana and drive to Austrian borders), the third door, called "Altinia" ed to the city which Treviso has always been bond with: Venice.

City of water

Scorcio delle mura rinascimentali di Treviso - By Appo92 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Treviso is certainly not Venice, even though it’s been for ages important to the "Serenissima", the Dogi considered Treviso "the right eye of Venice". In Treviso as well as in Venice, there are lots of watercourses that inspired travellers, poets and great writers (including Dante). Over the centuries some of these watercourses have dried up, but even today it is a relaxing experience to walk in the old town accompanied by the sweet stream of the remaining rivers.


A human scaled city

Il canale della Roggia a Treviso - By Morningfrost (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As in Venice, it is great to walk the streets and parks of Treviso. but it’s impossible to get lost in there: Treviso has a small and beautiful old town that offers interesting views. Each building shows its own history and by crossing every bridge you will find something new to see. If you want to spend a couple of hours going back in time, visit the Museo Civico,next to the deconsecrated church Santa Caterina, where you can see the masterpiece of medieval Arts from Tomaso da Modena: the extraordinary "Storie di Sant'Orsola".


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